PAL website is up!

Today we got our initial Protect A Lease Inc website up at

Protect A Lease Inc Born Today!

Protect A Lease Inc was formed as a Texas Corporation today!

First internal draft of the LeaseLobster tri-fold brochure.

Today we got our first draft of our first marketing collateral – a tri-fold brochure for LeaseLobster.

PAL gets it first phone number!

Today Protect A Lease Inc got its first corporate phone number, (512) 215-6692.

First distribution of LeaseLobster outside of development team for Apple devices.

Today was the first distribution of  the LeaseLobster app to founders for internal testing on their Apple devices.

First installation of Renter’s Condition Report on an Apple device.

Today we were able to build, install and run the Renter’s Condition Report on an Apple iPhone 3G.

First Android alpha build is ready.

Today we got to see the first alpha build of the Renter’s Condition Report app running on an Android device!

First Renter’s Condition Report Mockup Available

Today we got the first view of the Renter’s Condition Report mockup.  The mockup is a set of HTML pages that show what a smart phone running the app would look like and how the user would interact with it.