RentRhino is now FREE to download and use!

RentRhino, previously available through both the App Store and Google Play for a fee, is now FREE for users to download and use.

Beginning with the next release of RentRhino there will be a small in-app charge required to receive a condition survey/inventory report by email. Until then the current released version will allow users to download, use and receive reports for free.

This change allows users to see and understand the full power and experience how easy it is to fully document property condition before encuring any charges for the application.


RentRhino v1.4 available through the App Store

Today, RentRhino v1.4 was released for Apple devices by Protect A Lease, Inc.  This is the first time that RentRhino has been availble for Apple devices.


RentRhino v1.2 is available through Google Play!

RentRhino v1.2 is available through Google Play for Android devices.

This is the first public release of RentRhino by Protect A Lease, Inc.

Tenant’s PAL first beta program begins!

Tenant’s PAL first beta program for users outside the Protect A Lease Inc company.  The beta program, which supports both Apple and Android devices, runs from January 5th, 2012 through January 31st, 2012 and has room for up to 50 participants.

First installation of Renter’s Condition Report on an Apple device.

Today we were able to build, install and run the Renter’s Condition Report on an Apple iPhone 3G.

First Android alpha build is ready.

Today we got to see the first alpha build of the Renter’s Condition Report app running on an Android device!